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C. Edward Sellner spent twenty-five years of his life dreaming of the comics and prose industry while working at his utmost passion of ministry and outreach. Starting in 2002, he began exploring options of entering the industry and worked behind the scenes at a number of small studios and publishers. Learning the ins and outs of marketing, development, production and the comic market landscape, he quickly felt himself moving in directions very different than the companies he had been working with and decided to form his own 'vision'. Visionary is the result. Combining a sense of solid business tactics, ethics and commercial marketability with creative freedom, Visionary launched in 2006 and has since risen to become one of the most prominent production studios in the industry, as well as the largest, independent digital exclusive publisher in the growing digital market.

Sellner has mentored up and coming creators who have gone on to work for top mainstream publishers, he has collaborated and managed A-list creators already in the field, has spearheaded the launch of licensed comics, and overseen the studio's line of over fifty digital titles.

Sellner hopes that in ten years Visionary's biggest legacy will be to have launched the careers of some of the brightest talents in comics and created some truly unique and fun comics in the process!

C. Edward Sellner is the co-founder of Visionary Comics Studio, and the primary creative architect of the Visionary Universe.

Sellner first began developing some of the concepts and properties of the Visionary Universe as early as in 1982 when the first 'locally' produced stories were circulated. Many of these concepts, with significant revamping and expansion will form the cornerstone of the now public and official fictional setting.

Sellner currently serves as the Chief Creative Officer of Visionary Comics Studio and also serves as the primary overseer and editor of the Visionary Universe in all forms, public and private. As such, he also serves in such a role with the Visionary Universe Wiki.

He is currently developing several of the VU properties into comics and prose.

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