The Visionary Universe Wiki has some general policies and guidelines that have been put out specifically by Visionary Comics Studio and the project's moderators. Please read through the policies below to become familiar with them. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please post them on the talk page.

The Policy Changes page will be updated with any new, proposed or suggested policy changes, as well as points of clarification. Add that page to your watchlist in order to be informed when such occurs.

General Policies Edit

The Visionary Universe Wiki is first and foremost the comprehensive reference guide to the fictional Visionary Universe. As such, it and its community is dedicated to the referencing of canon or published material, as well as the supplemental expansion of new material adding depth and richness to the whole.

It is not an uncontrolled experiment in meta-literature, going wherever directed at random, but instead an attempt to create a rich and varied, yet cohesive, fictional world.

New contributors might want to start first and foremost with the following pages:

Please consult the following general policy and procedural guideline pages:

Enforcement Edit

In general all participants should feel free, during day-to-day operations to politely point out and correct mistakes, or to expand, add or update entries, both dealing with Visionary Universe Canon or published material as well as new material created exclusively for the wiki.

The project is also overseen by C. Edward Sellner the creator of the Visionary Universe, and its prime overseer. When necessary he will make changes in order to not conflict with planned development, or mapped continuity. He also reserves the right to lock any article, change content, or delete when needed.

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