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Broad term used to refer to those forces, physical laws, concepts or balances that are critical in defining the nature of any given level of reality. In other words, these forces are critical to the levels of reality in which they exist, defining the parameters, boundaries and nature of that reality.

For example, the Second-Generation Creation is also often referred to as a Spatial-Temporal Reality, in that the very nature of its existence is bound within the forces and concepts of Space and Time. Between them, these two forces define the nature of that reality, and support its continued existence. Were either of these two foundational forces to be removed, or altered significantly, that entire reality would collapse as a result.

Foundational Forces exist on multiple levels of reality and impact and affect all levels of reality. Thus while some might be more physical in nature, others may be metaphysical, essence-based or some other more abstract form. Likewise, some forces may be more obvious in manifestation or in their role of defining the reality they are part of, but others are not. Many such forces exist or operate in ways that make them difficult to observe, or quantify, yet their existence is nonetheless critical to the reality they are part of.

Each Foundational Force is distinct in its form and function, so for more specific information, one is referred to various individual entries of specific forces.