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Before anything else, please read our Introduction and Policies and Guidelines pages. You should also consult our Help Pages and spend some time researching the Wiki's content in general.

Once you've become acquainted with the Visionary Universe, and the wiki's guidelines in particular, PLEASE feel free to begin contributing! The VU Wiki is a grand experiment in taking user generated content to the next level! Through it, fans can create original content that will become part of the Visionary Universe Canon! The original content created right here, whenever possible, will be considered source material for all future VU stories! It also provides a central portal for fans to engage in speculation on VU stories, characters and concepts, through the addition of Apocrypha! Debate the ramifications of major events, what decisions characters will make and where their destiny lies!

There are many ways to contribute, many of which are outlined on the pages linked above and even more listed in the sections below.

This page will act as a clearing house of information to help give starting points for new contributors and focal points for regular contributors. It will include highlighted articles recently added or expanded needing review, others still needing expansion as well as requested articles still needed. Finally there will be special content drives we'll be sponsoring from time to time in conjunction with new stories being released.

If you still have questions after reviewing this page, please feel to post them on this article's discussion or talk page.


  • December 2012

Yes, we are still getting the VU Wiki up and running. Yes, we are still setting up many of the policy and guideline pages. Yes, we have not yet released much into the commercial market. No, that does not mean you can't get started here!

As you will see below, we are working hard to get the Wiki moving forward. You can help us lay that groundwork. We already have a number of options for contributors to jump in and begin expanding the Wiki. We invite you to be among those who help lay the groundwork for this bold experiment in fiction!

Contact C. Edward Sellner directly on his profile page for more details of how you can join the initial team developing the VU!


  • December 2012

Check under the sections listing. We are currently focusing general based drives in both the Chronicles and Encyclopedia.

If you are an 'old pro' at Wiki format, we also need your help! We are currently still establishing our Policies and Guidelines and have numerous articles listed under our Requested Article List below. If you can help out, please do! We are looking to follow standard Wiki protocols and best use practices in terms of our guidelines, so feel free to tap other resources for direction.

Finally, under Art Drives, we are currently looking for artistic representations of the initial entries being posted.



Our Chonicles Section is now setup. Please review the Chronicles overview page and the Category:Chronicles, and be sure to follow the Template:Chronicle Entry.

Listed as Section 5 on the main Chronicles page, we are wanting to include significant historial events as brief benchmark entries in our own Chronicles for the purpose of helping to establish the context of the Visionary Universe. Initial entries for this will be loaded into the Wiki by our moderators. Once the initial ones are loaded, the correlation between the Post-Creation Calendar and the common use calendar will be established. Contributors are welcome to add additional significant historical events as brief, benchmark type entries similar in style to the initial ones. Please double check all calculations adjusting the common calendar to the PC Calendar.

Be sure to add all such entries to the Category:Historical Benchmarks and tag the entries accordingly with the Category tag at the end of the entry as shown on the Historical Benchmarks page.


Our Encyclopedia Section is now setup. Please review the Encyclopedia overview page and the Category:Encyclopedia, and be sure to use the appropriate Templates for creating new entries.

  • Current Focus: Adding / Expanding broad-based, conceptual entries

Moderators are currently adding a number of pre-planned, broad-based conceptual entries, which will outline a number of foundational precepts within the Visionary Universe. Many of these entries will be minimal initially and include open invitations to contributors to expand, and will be listed on our Expansion List. Other similar styled entries will be sought on our Requested Article List. Suggestions on other broad based concepts can be suggested on various talk or discussion pages. If these are concepts with little pre-planning already done, then the contributors will be invited to establish the new entry and thus have a chance of doing the initial development of the concept within the Visionary Universe.

Production IndexEdit

Still in development.

Secondary Source ArticlesEdit

See the article detailing Secondary Source Articles as well as Category:Secondary Source Articles for a listing of all current articles. Please use the Templateforthisarticle type in all entries. This section is always open. Contributors are invited to create general articles using the guidelines. Again, focusing on more broad based themes is preferred prior to the release of much story based material off which to base more detailed or specific articles.

Once more material is presented, we will be adding a Requested Secondary Source Article List, and also a listing of all referenced works within the VU which can then be expanded.


Still in development.

Visionary Universe RPGEdit

Still in development.

Article ListsEdit

Expansion ListEdit

The following articles have been identified as needing expansion. These are either stub articles, placeholder articles, or orphaned pages without links connecting them back into the Visionary Universe. Many of these are articles created with minimal content by moderators, and include an open invitation to expand the article under its discussion page. In such cases, this means that there is little pre-planned development of these articles, thus contributors have a wider range of freedom in expanding.


Requested Article ListEdit

The following are articles that have been referenced, linked in elsewhere into the Wiki, but have not yet been created. These specifically are articles that have been identified as ideal 'contributor friendly' articles. This could mean they deal with real world topics that can be researched, policy guidelines, RPG rules, or Creative Content topics without a lot of pre-planning.


Real World ArticlesEdit

Policies and GuidelinesEdit

RPG Rules and GuidelinesEdit

Creative Content ArticlesEdit

Article Review ListEdit

The following articles have been recently expanded, or added and are in the process of review. Contributors are invited to edit, make suggestions on the discussion pages, and participate in any conversations or debates on the 'canonicity' of the article.