Title used to refer to the historical record of the Omniverse, developed and researched by the Commander. These records are maintained on board the central computer systems of the Dyson Sphere known as the Ark, which serves as the Commander's home, the base of operations for the Champions of Armageddon, and a refuge for the billions of sentient beings displaced by the Armageddon Wars.

For his research, the Commander developed highly advanced sensory and recording systems, utilizing technology from over a hundred different species throughout the Omniverse. These systems are capable of piercing the veil of the Omniversal Chain from the sphere's location in the Nexus of Creation, allowing the Commander to record events as they occur at various times and in various universes. The technology is not perfect however, it is limited in its capacity to pierce the Chain only at certain energy frequencies and variations. Thus, at varying intervals, it is able to record certain times and places in intimate detail, but then unable to pierce others at all. As the Chain's power ebbs and flows, the technology constantly scans a wide variation of times and places, recording when and where it can, then splicing together information from various windows of opportunity into a cohesive whole. However, as a result of this shifting paradigm, huge gaps still remain within the recorded history as a whole.

While the initiative behind this research was to collect information vital to the efforts of the Armageddon Wars, they have also been furthered out of the scholarly interests of the Commander himself. Most of these Chronicles focused around the Visionary Universe due to the central and critical nature of that universe and the role it played in Creation. However, the records also contain a great deal of the history of other universes as well, and all of it ranges from the beginning to the end of Time.

There is also a more abstract, mystical record of all history, often called the Chronicles. These include the collective experiences and memories of all entities who have ever lived, and are the actual manifested memories of the entity known as the Chronicler. These other Chronicles were able to be manifested in varying physical forms. There is no direct connection between either of these records beyond the fact this one was named after the other, as the Commander was aware of the existence of the original. (See the entry Chronicles I)

These should also not be confused with the section of this wiki known as the Chronicles.