Title used to refer to the collective memories contained within the Cosmic Being known as the Chronicler, specifically when those memories are manifested in an outward, physical form by that entity. The Chronicler possesses the collective memories, from personal experience, to more learned knowledge, of every entity who has ever lived throughout the Omniverse. The preservation of these memories is a central part of the purpose of the Chronicler's very existence.

For whatever reasons, the Chronicler has often chosen to give physical form to those collective memories, having them appear as a physical construct that represents the collection of knowledge and experience that they embody. Like many such abstract concepts, the Chronicles are not a physical ‘thing’ but an idea, a reality beyond substance which can manifest in substance, thus the ability for its variation in form. Likewise, due to this aspect of their nature, they can technically manifest in multiple places at multiple times, even as their source, the Chronicler.

Most often the form taken is as a large, aged book with seemingly unlimited gold-trimmed pages and worn, leather bound covers, marked in a golden design. The information therein is usually recorded in Angelic Script, though it is conceivable, like all other aspects, that this fact can also vary with each manifestation. It is generally believed that the Chronicles took on other forms at various times, including such things as an advanced computer system, a viewscreen, and a pool whose reflections showed events.

Whatever the form, they always manifest relative in size to the Chronicler or the Avatar of the Chronicler that summons them. Likewise the Chronicler’s Sigil always appears somewhere prominent on the manifestation as part of its design. When manifesting within the Nexus of Creation, due to the unique nature of that place, the contained memories often manifest in images of the events with the touch or utterance of the recorded words.

These Chronicles are often referred to as the Chronicles of Life, among numerous other names, as they are known in the legends and myths of many cultures on many worlds.

The Chronicles were manifested during the Convocation of Judgment Day within the Nexus of Creation, wherein they took on their typical form of an aged book. They were used directly by the Chronicler in his testimony on behalf of all Creation.

There is also a historical research database known as the Chronicles, maintained by the Commander, aboard the Dyson Sphere known as the Ark. The two are not related, however The Commander is aware of the existence of these Chronicles and named his own historical database after them. (See the entry Chronicles II)

These should also not be confused with the section of this wiki known as the Chronicles.