See also main entry Historical Benchmarks for more detail on the classification and its application.

Items in this category are Chronicles that include a reference to actual historical events that have occurred in the past of the real universe and have also occurred within the fictional Visionary Universe.

Specific text which serves as the actual benchmark in the full Chronicle entry will be setoff in its own paragraph. Likewise it will include a hyperlink to this category page directly following the text of the event, set off as placed here by way of example.

-Category:Historical Benchmarks

It should be noted that in the majority of such entries, the benchmark itself will represent only a small portion of the full entry, with the rest of the entry properly focusing on the events unique and specific to the Visionary Universe.

Additional ResourcesEdit

  • See Category:Real World Counterparts for a listing of all entries in the wiki that document people, places and things that have appeared in the Visionary Universe and have a counterpart existing in the real world.
  • Real World vs. Visionary World for an overview of why, how and when real world elements are introduced into the Visionary Universe and some of the purposes served in doing so.

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